Hello and welcome to History! Here we reproduce anecdotes and guest stories from Hotel Royal’s history, talk about what is current at the hotel, and give tips on sights and places to eat around the city.

A hotel dating back to the past

Hotel Royal was built in 1852 and has played a prominent role in Gothenburg’s cultural and social life. Over the years, the hotel has been visited by several famous Swedish writers and artists, as well as serving as a meeting place for local politicians and business leaders. Even today, the hotel is a popular destination for those interested in history as well as guests who wish to brighten up life with a unique hotel stay.

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Retro Hotel Royal logo i brun
Gammal karta över Göteborg från år 1862

History of the hotel

Hotel Royal was founded in 1852 in the heart of Gothenburg. Read more about the hotel’s history here.

Personal portrait

At Hotel Royal, everyone is welcome, regardless of background. The history of the hotel is not only based on the traditions and culture of the visitors, but also on their stories.
Get to know people who played a significant role for the hotel throughout history.

Bild över hotellpersonalen Royal Family
Färjenäs Café

Tips and sights

Given features in the coffee town of Gothenburg are the morning coffee and the coffee break. At Hotel Royal, you can start the day with a cup that smells of freshly ground beans of the best quality before you set out to explore Gothenburg.